Tommie Kelly

Tommie has been involved in the Irish Comic scene for a number of years. He is writer and artist for DOWN, ROAD CREW, TOMMIE KELLY PRESENTS, SOMETHING WONDERFUL ,THE HOLY NUMBERS and THEM.  He has worked on popular computer games and has done more Twitter Avatars than is probably advisable.  You can find out more at or email him at tommiekelly[AT]Gmail[dot]com

Michael Carroll

Mike writes Judge Dredd for 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine, as well as the ongoing Jennifer Blood series and the mini-series Jennifer Blood: First Blood for Dynamite. The sixth volume in his Quantum Prophecy series of YA superhero novels was published in 2012 byPenguin US, with the seventh novel scheduled for publication in 2014.

Forthcoming work includes more Judge Dredd, a DeMarco P.I. series for Judge Dredd Megazine, and substantial work John Higgins’ upcoming Razorjack Remastered graphic novel from Titan Books (for which he has provided all-new dialogue for the original Razorjack story, as well asa new eight-page strip).


Patrick Brown


Patrick Brown is a writer/artist currently working on The Cattle Raid of Cooley, a webcomic adapting the ancient Irish epic Táin Bó Cúailnge. His influences include Eddie Campbell, Bryan Talbot, John Wagner, Hergé, Charles Keeping, Donna Barr and Eric Shanower. He attended the University of Ulster’s College of Art and Design in Belfast, but failed his Foundation year.

Gar Shanley


Gar Shanley is a screenwriter and occasional teacher of various aspects of filmmaking. He has produced Windell Superhero Showcase and Windell Supernatural Showcase with the artist Cathal Duggan and has worked with the artist Deirdre deBarra. He has written and drawn the comics Fugger and All Rise (the latter with John O’Neill and Antonio Carty). He blogs and does an appalling online comic called Crap Man.



Hilary Lawler is a comic artist based in Meath. She is the creator of Superhilbo!, an associate editor for Longstone Comics and event organiser for the Point Village Comic Festival in 2010. Her work such as Superhilbo – Kitty Kapers & Thar She Blows, They Came from Outer Space and Murder Room has been published in Longstone comics Vol.1 – Vol.4. Her cover art has featured in Longstone Comics Vol.3 and Spluc! Comics. For updates on her work please visit and

Pj Holden


PJ Holden made his professional debut in 1994 in the Fantagraphic’s comic “Holy Cross” with Malachy Coney. And again, in 1997 in Caliber Comic’s “Negative Burn” drawing Mike Carey’s “Suicide Kings” story, and again, in 2001 drawing Judge Dredd for 2000AD – which just goes to show, you should never quit.

His work can currently be found in the Judge Dredd Megazine, drawing the creator owned series Numbercruncher written by Si Spurrier, and, shortly, in the Dynamite mini-series Terminator/Robocop: Kill Human by Rob Williams.

Stephen Coffey


Stephen Coffey, Dublin born writer and bad artist of strange swearing bots. Titles published: The Society for the Remarkable Suicide, Celtic Knights, Pogoroboto, Rosemary Herbb: The Return, Rosemary Herbb and the Zodiac Ghosts, and the weekly webstrip called Pogoshots. Future projects include the Doc Ginger novels, untitled Zombie project, Society for the Remarkable Suicide part 2, and more Celtic Knights. My books can be bought or downloaded here and you can see the Pogoshots webstrip which is updated weekly at

Rob Curley


Robert Curley is co owner of the Sub-City comic stores and publisher with Atomic Diner comics. Current projects include League Of Volunteers, Roisin Dubh, Jennifer Wilde, Black Scorpion and Blood Rose.



Maura McHugh lives in Galway, and writes in a variety of media. She’s had short stories and poetry appear in publications in the USA and the UK and is the writer on the Atomic Diner comic book series: Róisín Dubh and Jennifer Wilde. She also works for the Irish Playwrights and Screenwriters Guild as their newsletter editor and blogger. Her web site is



Ciaran Lucas makes a living scrawling things on a computer somewhere in Meath.  He colours things by day, paints things at night, and sometimes does animation in the early hours of the morning.  His previous colours work includes several covers for Torchwood, Angel: Not Fade Away for IDW and Reed Gunther for Image Comics.



Deirdre de Barra is an independent comics creator.  She is the author and artist of the silent comic Found, a contributor to the Longstone Comics Anthologies and artist on Downpour, written by Peter Loftus (published by Longstone Comics). She has also collaborated with the writer Gar Shanley on Dimension 5 and Some Blue Bloke. Deirdre and Gar are currently working on the comic Snowglobia.



David Withers works as a letterer and general assisting person for Berserker Comics as well as contributing art, writing and book design to numerous small press projects.



BRENB is an award winning illustrator working in editorial, design and advertising work in Ireland and internationally.  He is co-director of OFFSET and has lectured on illustration in NCAD and Limerick College of Art as well as given presentations on his own work at conferences in New York, London, Dublin, Limerick and Belfast. He is co-founder of Tiny Little Horse, a design collective based in Dublin, designing screen printed and digital gig posters for acts such as CSS, Feist, Morrissey, Battles and Flight of the Conchords.



Will Sliney is a comics artist from Cork and his work has featured in Atomic Rocket 66(Atomic Diner), and the ongoing series Farscape (2009-present) among others. His work includes The Symptoms, written by Dave Hendrick, (4th place in DC’s Zuda  in Sept 2009) The Age of Heroes, a superhero comic serialised on his blog in January-February 2010 and  “Dug Out” for the UK Star Wars: The Clone Wars comic.  He is currently drawing MacGyver for Image Comics and The Fearless Defenders for Marvel Comics. He is also a member of the Eclectic Micks sketchblog.



Archie Templar publishes under Bi-Product-Productions. He currently writes for Ireland’s first newspaper that only prints the truth, “The Templar Times”. In the running for next release under BPP is either “Guns, Girls & The Facts of Life” or “The Comic Book Of Love”, slated for 20–.  You can see what he has done so far by visiting his awesome website at



Davy Francis is a comic creator who has worked on Monster Fun, Oink, Ximoc, Red Dwarf Smegazine, 3D Comicsagogo, The Big Book of Urban Myths,Holy Cross, Gas, Brain Damage, Henri Hippo, Screw the Bap and Head the Ball and many more.


Kevin Logue, but better known as ‘Gio’, has been drawing comics for about 6 years now, mostlylocally based anthologies and online publications. He is currently pencilling the monthly “Zombies Hi” and a 3 page short for “Sugar Glider Stories 2”.



Ger Hankey is an independant comics creator & member of Sketchpaddys.  He is the author and artist of Short Sharp Shocks, and the artist for Celtic Knights and is currently working on a script for a new comic. It has giant robots in it.



Ian Pettit is a graduate of Trinity College. His work includes Caliban x 6 and Smiling at the Sky as well as FEAR(all featured in Longstone Comics).  Current projects include chimps in it.  He is also a kick ass blackbelt – rock!



I got out of Dublin a couple of years ago and went to live in Spain where I continue to make comics and things. I do a weekly webcomic on my site and have my own slot in 2000AD. I’m currently working on sequel to my graphic novel Mister Amperduke. Learn Japanese in just one day My weekly web comic



Ben Hennessy has been working in animation industry in Dublin, primarily as a character designer and storyboard artist. He also helped set up and direct Pegbar, an animation social networking event and recently Flip n’ Roll an animation co-op. He is an avid tweeter and blogger and can be contacted via and his work can be viewed online at



Richmond Clements is originally from Northern Ireland  although he has absconded and lives in Scotland. He writes and edits at FutureQuake Press, who publish FutureQuake, Something Wicked, Zarjaz and Dogbreath. He co-organises Hi-Ex! The Highland International Comic Expo in Inverness.



John Robbins is a Dubliner and pioneer of slice-of-life comics sub-genre, mortal tedium, hes publishes comics and short stories under his own Downright Bockedy imprint. Titles thus far include Negotiating The Beast, Vacancy For Satan and The Monkey-Head Complaint.



Liam Geraghty co-hosts and produces The Comic Cast ( along with Craig O’Connor. In collaboration with Philip Barrett, he has written the comics Gazebo #1 and The Littlest Arsonist. He is also a voice over artist and broadcaster hosting The Musical Hour every Weds 2-3pm on 103.2 Dublin City fm.




Maeve Clancy is a Comic writer and artist, sometime animator and designer. She writes a weekly webcomic called Flatmates and a couple of comics for periodicals like Film Ireland.


He has just published his first novel which is in two parts – The Legend of Navin Holt: Zombie Hunter. It started life as a comic, but after doing just a few pages, he thought “this is never gonna get done” so he wrote it as a novel! You can buy it on Amazon.


Robert Carey draws comics.He is also a Sketch Paddy. His art blog is


Bob Neilson is co-editor of Albedo One, Ireland’s only magazine specialising in SF, Fantasy and Horror fiction. His last collection of short fiction (That’s Entertainment, Elastic Press, 2007) was themed around the alternate history of entertainment. His comics include The Big Fellow (time travelling documentary team from the BBC mess up David and Goliath), Daddy’s Rules (in suburbia everyone can hear you scream) and Father Further Investigates ((yet another priest that investigates the occult). He is currently working on episode one of Goons, an Irish-based crime series told from the perspective of two mugs in suits.



Ronan Kennedy is a small press comic creator and illustrator, and has recently moved from Dublin to Adelaide, South Australia. He has been making comics since 1995. Among his back catalogue are Tales from Mugland, Mindpuss and What is it? .He has illustrated two childrens books Can I Play Too? & Know the Way (both published by Veritas). You can see and buy his workonline at  Mindpuss Volume 2 is due for release end of August 2011.

Peter Loftus is editor and main writer of the independent Irish Longstone Comics. He is co-editor of Albedo 1, Ireland’s longest-running magazine of SF, Horror and Fantasy. He administrates the annual international Aeon Award for Short Fiction. He is a regular reviewer for Interzone., part of the writing team for music website Eternal Terror.

Michael Avon Oeming has no proof that he is Irish but feels it in his soul. He is the co creator and artist of Powers, a 10 year running Cop Noir meets Capes comic with Brian Michael Bendis. He also written runs of Thor, Ares, Omega Flight and Beta Ray Bill for Marvel, Red Sonja for two years and a handful of other creator owned books such as Mice Templar with Bryan Glass.

Leeann Hamilton is a freelance comic artist based in County Meath. A former animation student and Rising Stars of Manga winner, she now self-publishes Finn and Fish in-between commissions and hosting talks and workshops about manga. Outside of comics, she enjoys travelling, fresh air, having more of her hair cut off and a glass of Baileys/plum wine every so often.

Rufus Dayglo is a London-based comics artist working for 2000 AD and Titan Books in the United Kingdom, and IDW Publishing and Image Comics in the United States. His blog is


Cathal Duggan is a cartoonist and illustrator who has worked on  two self-published comic volumes, Windells Superhero Showcase and Windells Supernatural Showcase (Yonder) with writer Garret Shanley. He is currently working on a graphic novel.  You can see his work at


Eugene was drawn from a very early age to ‘creating’.  He has studied using oils, watercolours and acrylics, working  in oils for most of his work. In previous years he opened ArtMasters Studio, offering evening and weekend classes.  He studied Design, Life Drawing, with a focus on anatomy,  followed by doing two years studying Animation.   He got into indie comics when he left college.  Just over a year after college he started up Wolfman Productions Ireland which is now Wolfman Productions International.  Current projects are: Completing Havoc 21 issues 6- 10, Releasing Wraith (TPB), Releasing The Diaries of AVH (TPB)


Andy has a BA Honours from Oxford Brookes and The Westminster Institute in a multitude of Humanities subjects. He has been writing scripts since the age of 14. In the past, he has been paid for blogging and teaching. He’s one of the central organising committee of Comics Barcamp Belfast 2011, aimed at developing strategies to bring greater investment to the industry, and some free sandwiches.



Declan Shalvey is an Irish comic book artist. He made his name with his first comic Hero Killers, that won an Eagle Award, before going on to work on a number of Irish comics, as well as getting work on American comic books, most notably Thunderbolts for Marvel Comics.



G A McKnight is a man so desperate to avoid dealing with customers that he’s decided that comics are a good idea. He may not have thought the matter through entirely.



Len O’Grady is incarcerated in the Garden State of New Jersey, a moniker as ironic as it is depressing. He’s currently weighing his options.



Rob Reilly is a working comic book artist who is the creator of “Convention Confessional” and Co-Creator/Artist on the “A.K.A.” mini series. Reilly has worked on licensing properties for Dreamworks Animation as well as completed two All-Ages Graphic Novels for Ape Entertainment. He is always looking to secure work with DC, Marvel and other companies.



Eoin and his young son Sean live in Skerries, a seaside town on the east coast of Ireland.



Gary Retnolds is a computer games concept artist veteran with over 15 years experience. He is currently working on the new comic book style influenced Carmen Sandiego game.



Stephen Mooney has worked as a professional comic artist for the last 7 years on books such as FreakShow, CSI, The Mummy, (lots of)Angel, The A-team, Strangeland, and Teen Wolf. He also freelances as a storyboard artist for various advertisements, video games and animated projects. He likes long walks on the beach, and puppies. Big fan of sandwiches. His new creator owned comic HALF PAST DANGER is set for release later this year.



Jason currently works as a storyboard artist and has worked on Camelot, Leap Year and Kings.  As a comic artist he has been featured in a number of small press publications (Longstone Comics).  Neglected Blog: Half-constructed website:



Conor McCreery is the co-creator and co-writer with Anthony Del Col of Kill Shakespeare, published by IDW.



Paddy Lynch has been involved with the Irish comic scene since 2007. He is working at the moment on a new graphic novel for O’Brien Press called ‘Big Jim’ based on events in the life of ‘Big’ Jim Larkin. For further info check



Celine Kiernan is the author of the award winning and critically acclaimed  The Moorehawke Trilogy, a dark, complex trilogy of fantasy YA books set in an alternative renaissance Europe. First published in Celine’s native Ireland in 2008, the trilogy has since been published in 15 different territories, and as of this typing has been translated to 10 different languages. Celine’s forth book, Taken Away (aka Into The Grey) – a YA ghost story set in 1970′s Ireland – is due for publication in September 2011.  Celine lives in rural Ireland with her husband and two teenage children. She is currently polishing the first draft of her next novel. A supernatural/sc-fi horror/romance set in 1890′s Ireland and working on a Moorehawke webomic.

Alan Ryan is a cartoonist and illustrator living in Dublin.  He writes and draws a regular comic strip called ‘Faraday the Blob’ which appears online and is working on a few other comics and bits and bobs which will hopefully see the light of day before the world ends next year.  He enjoys cups of tea and talking about himself in the third person.  He is delighted to meet you.  Read his comics at ::  Contact :: Alotron@gmail. com












Dr. Bob Curran was born and raised in a remote mountain area of County Down in Northern Ireland and is currently working on the American Vampires book which is getting close to being completed. Further details of his work can be found at









Dirk van Dom is a comics writer from Newbridge, Co. Kildare.  His work has appeared online in publications such as Temple APA and Hallowscream, and in print in Vanguard.  You can learn more at: and













Anna Fitzpatrick creates many comic bits and bobs as well as illustratve work and comic workshops as well as running a webcomic, Between Worlds.













Alan is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Bray, County Wicklow. In 2005 he created, with co-writer Ian Whelan, the SANCHO comicbook, released under their 20,000 Leagues imprint.  He is a regular contributor to the Irish language comic RÍRÁ as well as various UK and US-based small press publications. He is currently writing and illustrating a series of children’s books for O’Brien Press.













Debbie is part of the team on the  and further examples of her work can be found on Facebook:!/pages/Dont-Panic-Comics/159270104117006


Fintan Taite is an award winning cartoonist and illustrator working in editorial, advertising, comics and book Illustration in Ireland and abroad.
His first International comics work was published in the New York broad sheet anthology pood.

He is also a member and past chairman of Illustrators Ireland and teaches courses in cartooning and Illustration in Dublin.


Anthony is an artist from County Clare. He has seen print in Abandoned Comics debut title Nestor with issue two and was an artist on the Uproar Comics title Zombies Hi! with issue six. Anthony is also a regular contributor to ICN as one of our daily Noodlers.


Mike is a writer based out of Ennis, County Clare. He was the inaugral winner of the Irish Comic News Awards for Best New Writer and seen print in a plethora of titles including FutureQuake, Dr. WTF and RiRa. He is the co-founder of Abandoned Comics and co-writer of launch title Nestor.


Sean is a writer based out of Bantry, County Cork. He has been published in Grayhaven Comics ‘The Archives’ historical anthology.


Martin is the co-founder of Abandoned Comics and co-writes horror title Nestor for the imprint. This writer is based in Ennis, County Clare.


James is a writer/editor from County Cork who works with US publisher Grayhaven Comics. His name can be found on many of the company’s anthologies which cover a large mix of genres.


Darrin O’Toole is the writer of the acclaimed Tales From The Void from DOT Comics. He is currently working on the next DOT Comics book Earthruler and a story for a British anthology.


Brian is a writer/artist based in County Mayo. He has published ‘The Whole World’ and is working on Djinn Tales: A Life Up Top.








Anthea is freelance Sequential Artist & concept designer in Dublin, Ireland. A feminist nerd with a lot of stories to tell, she’s been writing and drawing for as long as she can remember.  She is a member of Zenpop Indie Comics and been published in the Zenpop Magazine. Anthea also had a hand into Self publishing and found it delightful and terrifying all at once.


Ruairi Coleman is an artist who burst on to the comics scene in 2012 with his arresting visuals on Uproar Comics book Zombies Hi!. He was announced as the ongoing artist in the Autumn of that year for the book.

Ed Doyle has worked in the small press/indie scene for years. Started off doing spot illustrations for movie fanzines published in England in 90s. His first comic book was The Quest of Kazana in 2002, followed by the full colour Kazana and the Legion of Khaos, written by Chris Atkins. Chris and Ed have since published several comics together, including Urban Serial and Time Warriors, and had a comic strip, Flesh Lust, published in From The Tomb magazine. They are working on their first attempt at a children’s book, Flinkies. Ed is married to Catriona and has two daughters, Claudia and Andrea.



Jason Browne is an independent Irish comic book writer whose first graphic novel ‘The Man with No Libido’ was released in 2011. He is currently working on a new one to be released shortly. He can reached at



Matthew is the founder of Lethal Comics and is a writer/artist. Formerly involved with Uproar Comics but now focusing on getting Lethal Comics of the ground with his flagship series Hunt – Part One and the online comic Hunt – Part Two.












Peter Campbell is Head & Creative Director of Lone Star Soul and has 13 years’ experience in various areas of Creative Digital Media including Multimedia Design, Web Design, Interaction Design, Graphic Design, Broadcast, Animation, Storyboarding, Product Design & Comic Book Illustration.

Peter is a classically trained Illustrator and has worked as a Comic Artist and has worked for Marvel Comics.

After completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Computing & Design, and a Masters in Computing & Design, Peter worked as a Graphic, Web and Multimedia Designer. Prior to this, Peter worked as a Lecturer in all the above subject areas at both Degree and Masters level. He has extensive knowledge of current media technologies and practices and has a strong flair for visualising sequential narrative, in Animation and the Comic Book field. Links:

Facebook: @LoneStarSoul  &